Importance of UI Animations



What are UI Animations and why are they so dang important?

UI Animations can be found more an more now a days. They encompass everything from icons jumping on the screen, to simple page loaders. In any context they elicit not only specific feedback for the user but an emotion from the user as well.  They can make you feel more in tune and connected to whatever action you are taking on the screen.

As humans, we regularly deal with causation; the relationship between cause and effect. This affects much more than our lives on the screen and as we grow / innovate, we see the two become more in tune with each other. For example when you clicked on a submit button in the past, it would most likely bring to to a page with static feedback. (Thank you for your Submission) Your submission was a fluid action but the reaction to your submission was static. Now we have buttons that look like this:



UI animations carry the user through whatever function they are preforming. They give the user a better sense of accomplishment and can provide feedback in a way that makes a connection.

Check out a few of these dope UI Animations

(Links to all these Bad Larry’s are on the individual gifs.)



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